Laser Lab


Principal Investigators

Post-doctoral research fellows

Dr Bruno Garbin

Dr Vincent Ng


Noel Sayson

Ian Hendry

Alexander Nielsen

Toby Bi

Andrew Su

Honours student

Max Li

Honours student

Harry Carstairs

Honours student


We actively collaborate with numerous researchers around the world. In particular, we interact very intimately with several other investigators at The University of Auckland whose research interests (like ours) revolve around optics and photonics:

We all operate from the Department of Physics of The University of Auckland, and thus share a significant amount of tangible and intellectual resources. All of us are part of the Dodd-Walls Centre of Research Excellence.


  • Yadong Wang, PhD 2018
  • Hoan Pham, MSc 2018
  • Wei Chen, visiting scientist, 2018
  • Dr Francois Leo, post-doctoral research fellow, 2015-2017.
  • Miles Anderson, MSc 2016
  • Kathy Luo, MSc, Btech (Hons), 2015
  • Jae Jang,  PhD, 2015
  • Ray Xu, PhD, 2013
  • Ferdinand Albert, BSc (Hons)
  • Zak Ali, BTech (Hons)
  • Nick Chang, MSc
  • Andy Chen, MSc
  • Jocelyn Chen, MSc
  • Bo Fu, BTech (Hons)
  • Andy Hsieh, MSc
  • Sairam Iyer, MSc
  • Ka Fai Mak, MSc
  • Priyanth Mehta, MSc, BTech (Hons)
  • Erin Qian, BTech (Hons)
  • Tim Rae, MSc
  • Iffah Ramlee, MSc, BSc (Hons)
  • Matthew Walbran, BTech (Hons)
  • John Wang, MSc, BTech (Hons)
  • Kun-Lin Wu, MSc, BTech (Hons)